WWII Invasion Defences

Pinks Hill Pill Box

 Created 25-04-2002    Last update 15-03-2003

At the far western end of Portsdown is the town of Fareham. Along Pinks Hill, the southern approach road to Fort Wallington (a Palmerston Fort), is the only example of an intact anti-invasion pillbox left on Portsdown, since the destruction of the one at Racecourse Lane.

It is a type FW3/25 (ARMCO) pillbox, which was designed to be proof against rifle fire. It would typically contain 4 infantry men armed with light automatics.


With thanks to Peter Rogers and the guys from uk.rec.subterranea


Aerial photo site location    Grid Ref SU589065

pinks hill

Pinks Hill looking South. Fort Wallington is is further up the road to the north. The pill box is located in the bushes on the left hand side just beyond the second dip in the road.

pinks hill pill box

Pinks Hill pill box. It is made from rough cast concrete; the corrugated iron shuttering imprint can clearly be seen. There are 3 openings like the one shown here. A narrow entrance is directly opposite this opening. The pill box is circular, 1 foot thick, and 8 feet in external diameter.